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Amigurumi : The fine art of Japanese torture

Alas I’ve never been to Japan, but I have the impression that, as a people, they are somewhat masochistic.  Take foot binding for instance, which resulted in what was called the “lotus foot”.  What looks to our eyes a hideously … Continue reading

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In my never-ending quest to induce people to stop blasting away at our beautiful animals to make grotesque wall ornaments, I’m making these Made of African print cotton and stuffed with polyester batting, this item is washable and fits any … Continue reading

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New stuff on Etsy

I decided to stop restricting myself to African animals, here’s a Llama for your delight and enjoyment.  The fabric is vaguely Mexican/Peruvian, although I think the manufacturer thought it was fully African. Then there’s the camel.  This is nominally an … Continue reading

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