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Downside of country living – Part 72 (or whatever)

I never intended this blog to be about the downside of country living and I don’t want to give the impression that it’s ALL bad.  Not at all, there’s the mountain and the birds and … the mountain and birds … Continue reading

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Turning a gothic horror into art

I  have a gothic horror of a warehouse looming over my backyard that is slowly (very slowly) being fixed up.  It’s a beautifully designed building that only needs a lick of paint to transform it into something quite lovely.  While … Continue reading

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The downside of country life Part 2

I’ve been monumentally ill this week.  Not looking for pity, but something in my environment triggered an asthma attack of note and I was forced to call the local ambulance for relief and oxygen.  They were excellent, efficient and I … Continue reading

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Murder in a small town

This week,  my sleepy little town was shocked to the core by a horrifically gruesome murder. Details are thin on the ground and contradictory.  Netwerk 24 is covering the story, (login is required, free for 30 days), but stories appear … Continue reading

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How do I love thee succulents

Back in the day when my fingers were brown, I killed everything I touched.  Considering I come from good Free State farming stock, have two sisters who were farmers and parents and brothers with magnificent lush gardens, this was mighty … Continue reading

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The power of wool

This morning I put on my good jeans (the ones without holes) and prepared to set off for the workshop to induce the contractor to complete my palisade fence though the gentle application of carrot or stick, or both.  There … Continue reading

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This is a Yarnbomb Part 4

Even an imaginary fence needs a little flower It’s taking about as long to crochet this fence as it did for the other bits to go up, but never mind.  Rome wasn’t crocheted in a day. The local people are … Continue reading

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