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Downside of country life – Part … whatever

As any homeowner knows, when you go and look at a house you wish to buy, although you do thorough research, check on all the stats, scrutinise everything down to the last detail, there is always something you miss.  Never … Continue reading

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Charlie Klopjag strikes again

My mother was a regular Charlie Klopjag (a fictional detective from a satirical column in the Sunday Times Passing Show, written by editor Joel Mervis) by which I mean an armchair detective.  There was not a crime or misdemeanour my … Continue reading

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How to keep cool in fortysomething degrees

Picture :  Husky safari in Finland Find a movie or TV series set in a polar location and watch it while everything around you melts slowly into the tarmac.  This really works. I discovered this fact many years ago when … Continue reading

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Amigurumi : The fine art of Japanese torture

Alas I’ve never been to Japan, but I have the impression that, as a people, they are somewhat masochistic.  Take foot binding for instance, which resulted in what was called the “lotus foot”.  What looks to our eyes a hideously … Continue reading

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Downside of Country Living : The Illuminati

I don’t mean to give the impression that I dislike country life, on the contrary, I love the mountain I get to gawk at every morning through my front windows.  I love my creaky groany house.  I love my garden, … Continue reading

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Well, someone’s having a bad day and it’s not the law abiding people of my town.  An hour ago, my neighbour spotted two men climbing over the fence of a house across the street that she knows to be currently … Continue reading

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Downside of country life – Part 3

There’s a very common dream in which, when faced with danger and we try and scream and only a squeak emerges.  Or we try and run, but our limbs are frozen.  I have this to report, when the time comes, … Continue reading

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