Facebook Groups are a waste of time

I’m not much of a group joiner.  Like Groucho Marx I wouldn’t join any group that would have someone like me as a member, but I can see the use of Facebook Groups.  I like community Facebook pages because you get news you will never see in any other media and up-to-the-minute updates on events on the ground, such as the recent riots in Kleinmond.

I have only joined three groups, but that’s down to one and that one is hanging in the balance.  Not that they care at all, I doubt they even look at the number of people who have left the group when they brag about their numbers.

I left the Watershedding Western Cape  group because it was becoming so incredibly annoying, it was consistently ruining my breakfast.  At first it was a useful place to find water saving strategies, water tank suppliers and installers and new technologies for saving water.  It quickly degenerated into a kind of hysteria about the water situation in the Western Cape that benefits nobody and simply pits people against their neighbours and other people in the community.  Any government initiatives are scoffed at.  If I had a rand for every time I’ve read “too little too late”, I can buy a Porsche.  According to some of the people on the group, the gubmint had inside information into the fact that it wasn’t going to rain more than ten years ago!  Don’t even get me started on the purveyors of fake lawn and (choke) paint your grass green, which is so obscene to me I.  Can’t.  Even.

This week I left the Cat Trapping and Sterilisation Network   Once again, initially this was a lovely group about Trap Neuter Release of feral cats, which is something very close to my heart.  I have received from the universe 7 kittens of various sizes that I am slowly conveying to the vet to be sterilised and releasing into my backyard.  Truth be told, that’s my backyard, my bed and my couch and all sorts of nooks and crannies in my house.

When this happens so suddenly, panic can set in.  From “owning” one cat you can very quickly end up with a dozen or more, so I appreciated a place where I could ask for and receive advice.  Somebody even lent me a trapping device that was so terrifying to the cats that I had to return it unused.

I managed ON MY OWN to find a very sympathetic vet and wonderful staff at Overberg Veterinary Hospital who have been so kind and wonderful to me, I never fail to be completely overwhelmed whenever I go there.  After my last visit, I put up a thank you post on the Cat Trapping group about how awesome they were, only to have my post removed.  When I asked why I was told they don’t want “just anybody’s” posts up there.  Now folks, I’m doing my own Trap Neuter Release at my own cost in my small town.  What I am posting is entirely relevant to the groups mandate.  They call themselves a “network”, but they are not.  They’re a one-man-band run by one bossy woman who will delete your post if she “FEELS LIKE IT”.

Fair enough, your page, your rules, but in my opinion, this organisation will never make a dent in the feral cat population without a “network” of people like me, little old crazy cat ladies spending their food money on every cat that appears at the door, opening the last tin of tuna for a momcat feeding six kittens, spending hours driving up and down the N2 to the vet with a yowling cat in a box.

And then there’s my own town’s group, which is quite instructive into the deepest thoughts and feelings of my fellow townspeople, except that now there’s someone who feels she needs to lecture us on the BIBLE on an hourly basis.  Yes indeed, I can really do with a lecture on the BIBLE, especially A LECTURE ON THE BIBLE ALL IN CAPS.  I’ll stay with that group, but I’m not saying a word about the bible lessons because she has stated that anyone who attacks her will cause “fire out of her mouth” and I don’t.  Want.  That.

OK, that’s rant over.  I’m off to cook some chicken for my feral cats.  Sure beats wasting time on Facebook Groups.



South African writer, crafter and all round animal lover
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  1. Glad you wrote it all up. Would like to put it on facebook

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