Downside of country life – Part 3

There’s a very common dream in which, when faced with danger and we try and scream and only a squeak emerges.  Or we try and run, but our limbs are frozen.  I have this to report, when the time comes, believe me, you will scream loudly and you will run, and you will be filled with the kind of courage and recklessness you never knew you had.

A week ago I had a dream that someone had broken into my backyard and I shouted for my neighbours and nobody came.  It was one of those morning dreams, very vivid, a dream with a message.  I’m not going to bore you with my dreams.  The most boring things in life are other people’s dreams, drug experiences, horrible marriages and medical problems.  My take on that dream was that I needed to pay some attention to my security as I could not depend on anyone to help me when the time came.

So, long story short, one night this week I was preparing for bed, washed the face, filled up the cats bowls, checked the garden for snails, set my computer to download some interesting BBC programmes on anthropology.  The way one does.  I looked through my bedroom window to see what the next day’s weather would bring, and saw two guys walking down the road, strolling down the road, but then they turned, came up the driveway towards my garage and started climbing over the palisade fence into my yard.

A week ago, my garage was broken into, nothing stolen or broken, so imagine my astonishment to see two guys climbing into my yard right under a street light at the exact moment I chanced to look through the window.

I screamed.  Yes I did.  LOUDLY, and they ran off.  Lucky me, I got a pair of girls.

Until now, my security consisted of this ferocious ginger attack kitty


and this


Don’t laugh, that’s some serious habanero chilli in that bottle and the knife is a Morakniv. Both pretty effective at close range, but you don’t want “them” getting THAT close.

So off to the co-op for some of this


and a few of these solar garden lamps to light the dark corner between my garage and the house


5 litres of white paint so I can paint my walls and double the amount of light.

I hate to do this.  I never expected I would have to do this, considering I left the dark, dangerous city for this lovely country town, but needs must.  There are desperate people out there, folks.  Girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do.

On the subject of the police, I called them.  The phone rang and rang and rang.  I put down, called again, they answered quickly and were at my house within 5 minutes.  They were so great it shames me to have to call them for something so trivial.  They drove up and down my street for a couple of hours afterwards, but they have a huge area of farms to cover with the paltry two cars they have at their disposal and can’t be everywhere at once.  We owe it to them to give them as much help as we can.

So therefore, I have an appointment with a guy who will help me with a firearm license.   I’ll be off to the shooting range and blam blam blam.  Don’t want to do it, but girl’s gotta do …



South African writer, crafter and all round animal lover
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8 Responses to Downside of country life – Part 3

  1. Dani says:

    I read this on my phone, but wanted to wait until I was online to write you a comment – I find it much easier 😉

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re being targeted – can’t be too lekker, especially as you’re on your own. But instead of buying a gun, have you considered a paintball? Reason being the coppers aren’t too happy with individuals being shot and wounded / killed – even if they are up to nefarious deeds. By all means go for shooting lessons / target practice – it will help getting your aim in 😀 A paintball will not only hurt anyone it hits (it’s bloody sore and bruises), but it will also “mark” them – especially if you get luminescent paint bullets which will make them easier to spot and harder for them to deny they were involved. Also, does RSE have a security company? If yes, could you not sign up to their service, and that, together with a loud siren (which will also alert your neighbours) which is activated by a panic button chase off the potential intruders that way thus getting immediate assistance when, and if, necessary – even if you have a fall and are unable to get assistance any other way.


    Thanks Dani, I did consider a paintball gun, but they’re ferociously expensive (5-10,000), also a long-range taser, but I happen to have a small .22 automatic “pea-shooter” which I inherited from my father and only need to register it. The calibre of firearm is too small to blow someone away, and it’s really there to make a noise and frighten them at a distance rather than kill. There are no security companies in RSE, only in Greyton, which is 45 minutes away on dirt road, so I’d be history by the time they arrived. While I’d love to believe my neighbours would run to help me, I don’t think this is the case. Nobody heard me scream, nobody even saw the police car pull up. A siren is a good idea, as it disorientates them, but a loud warning shot is equally effective. The crime here is mostly opportunistic, bit it’s become steadily worse in the last few months. If they’d known I was alone and pretty much defenceless, they might not have run away so quickly. That same night somebody had their garden furniture and washing on the line stolen, and I suspect they were looking for something to pilfer. However, the police are looking for two men who raped a woman over several hours in Bot Rivier and this is something I never want to happen to me, and it was the first thought that went through my mind when I saw them. There are a large number of older single women living here, most much older than I am, and we’re all feeling vulnerable until they catch those guys. A firearm is something you never want to use, but it helps to give a feeling of control, so to me the combination of the noise a firearm makes and the prospect of a trip to the hospital for the perp is a better option.

    • Dani says:

      Yeah – that is my greatest fear too. I can understand where you’re coming from,

      Maybe though, consider a (loud) siren – they won’t know that it’s not connected to help, and it will hopefully scare them off. Maybe perimeter beams to activate it??? Know that a guy on a smallholding here got a company in Swellendam to install beams at his place when he is away – that triggers an alarm, and they call him to advise him that his alarm has triggered – whereupon he phones his neighbours to go and check :[ If you could at least get a telephone reponse to an alarm the security company call always alert the cops – if you’re not able to…


    Yes the alarm does disorientate them, or I could think about a dog. The cats say NO, but I may need to override their objections! My property is a third of an acre, so the cost of securing the perimeter is going to cripple me. The house itself is very secure, barred all the way around and I keep all my tools in my spare bathroom, so they can run wild in my backyard if they want, there’s nothing there. I only need to protect myself if they crowbar their way into the house.

  4. Helen says:

    How can you get the BBC – intrigued?

    Sorry you’ve been through this unpleasant ordeal (not the BBC).


    Errrr, about the BBC, I’ve got a friend who has a friend … nudge nudge wink wink. Say no more. Thanks Helen. I can’t stop looking through the windows, but it’ll get better.

  6. Remember my friend Alison. when someone crept into her window one night, she screamed so loud, he immediately left. Not to be underestimated, but a dog bark will actually create fear.


    I’ve got a small personal alarm now, it’s not very loud, it’s for joggers, but good enough. The guys were caught so I sleep easy at night.

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