How do I love thee succulents

Back in the day when my fingers were brown, I killed everything I touched.  Considering I come from good Free State farming stock, have two sisters who were farmers and parents and brothers with magnificent lush gardens, this was mighty shameful.

But then I bought this plant for it’s sculptural leaves, and cherry flavoured Lifesavers happened

first huernia

Then a sort of red tulip

Red huernia

these lasted three days, smelled like the inside of a garbage can and brought all the flies for miles around


then this penis cactus complete with single testicle I was planning to sell to the Playboy foundation

penis cactus

Obviously an obsession set in.

When I moved house I took only my favourites



and since I had a hot spot against my garage I decided to build a rock garden

succulent rock garden

and then the universe showed me what it could do without any interference on my part




South African writer, crafter and all round animal lover
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3 Responses to How do I love thee succulents

  1. Dani says:

    Mother Nature always knows best 🙂


    That’s no lie, Dani. I met another succulent freak in Swellendam, she warned me that the fines for taking anything out the veld include the confiscation of your motor vehicle, so I won’t be doing any pinching. She told me she saw a particularly nice specimen on the ground and was about to pick off a little piece when a puff adder reared its little head from the centre of the plant. So, I’m double definitely not doing any pinching.

  3. You have to start somewhere and look how far you’ve come. We all had our first vegie patch..wont tell you what mine grew..or didnt.

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