Listen to the locals … or not

I’ve read that it’s a good idea to speak to the locals in the area to determine the conditions of your soil and what will grow in your area.  Good idea?  Makes sense?  Not always.  Since I’ve arrived here I’ve been told “I tried that, it doesn’t work”, “I tried those, they died” and most especially “What’s the point…”.  What’s the point of growing x when x is so cheap is the most popular refrain, as though x will always be cheap and if one day it isn’t cheap anymore, well we can all just see if we remember how to grow it.

Anyway, I was told I was “wasting my time” trying to grow chillies, even though I had one fairly sick looking plant already growing in the garden.  With a bit of TLC, it perked up and produced one perfect habanero which I dried on the windowsill and planted


So far so good.  The original plant is still going strong and producing something rather peculiar, but I’m really excited about these jelapeno


and whatever these are


Moral of the story :  Listen to the locals, but do it anyway, you have nothing to lose but a few seeds.





South African writer, crafter and all round animal lover
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5 Responses to Listen to the locals … or not

  1. allotmentliz says:

    That’s fantastic. And so very true, listen to the locals and do it anyway. That’s what I do, I always keep in mind that maybe something didn’t grow for them because they did it wrong/ didn’t look after it/ couldn’t really be bothered. Put the effort in and you shall be rewarded 🙂

    • NIDS LOVE BIG EYES says:

      The problem here is that we have heavy clay soil with a layer of slate below, so their plants are getting waterlogged. It’s expensive initially, but I’m double digging and then dumping loads of fresh new soil and compost on the top. Worth the effort definitely.

      • allotmentliz says:

        That is a problem, but really is worth the effort to make it workable. Good for you for putting in the work.
        I have clay soil too, did most of the garden, and now I’m going to put some raised beds in for ease!


    This town is full of depressed people, they use a lot of poison which makes things worse. I think the answer lies in tending their gardens so I nod and smile when they tell me I’m barmy and just keep keeping on.

  3. Helen says:

    Good philosophy – both your last comment and the final content in the blog post itself.

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