Garden fail … er … experiments

There are no garden failures, only experiments and never has this been so true as in my backyard farm.  All my “mistakes” confront me daily, but since I’m the kind of person that can only learn the hard way, I’m learning.  The hard way.


Between the bunny and the snails and some mysterious gogga, the broccoli and cauliflower aren’t looking that good.  Leaves all lacy and the mistake was to put them too close to the


butternut, all of which has sprouted and is busy taking over the entire bed.


Beetroot looking good.


Cilantro thriving


Basil also.  Lessons learned :  Spread out those seeds


These courgettes made quite a tasty chilli.

Giant fail on the bok choy so much so that I pulled them all out.  They sprouted great, but something ate them into delicate green lace.  Rocket is also somewhat lacy, but still delicious, and I don’t mind a hole or two in my leaves.

Room for improvement, certainly and I haven’t even got to the succession planting!  So.  Much.  To learn.



South African writer, crafter and all round animal lover
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8 Responses to Garden fail … er … experiments

  1. Dani says:

    Try reading up about companion gardening. Also, marigolds are a wonderful pest deterrent 😉


    Thanks Dani, I’ve actually planted marigolds into the holes in the bricks, no flowers as yet, so I’ll have to be patient. I’ve got a companion planting chart, but this peanut brain is so full of stuff, it’s not coping too well. Must be the heat, haha.

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  4. at least you try..and try again

  5. Helen says:

    A gardener after my own heart! Making mistakes is a good way to learn 🙂

    • NIDS LOVE BIG EYES says:

      I spent ages reading the books. Reading the books, but until I got my own patch and dug in and whoops, wrong, I learned nothing. Now I go back to the books and go Ah so.

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