Funny, not funny

In retrospect it was quite funny.  I walked my guest down the garden path and when I tried to open the wonky little gate to the road …

missing gate

er … it was gone.  Yes gone.  A conspicuous gap where my gate used to be.

I understand theft.  In a poor town like this you do not leave tempting pieces of metal lying around, they will be at the scrapyard dealer in two-two’s.  So I kicked myself for making it easy by not securing the gate properly.

What made things worse, was the next day one of the concrete “flames” that stood on the pillar next to the gate was knocked over, presumably with some force.  Not a big deal, I didn’t like them anyway, but vandalism is something I don’t “get”.  And the golfball letterbox is still there, go figure.

I’ve been trying to avoid it, I don’t want to live behind bars, but it seems a palisade fence is now necessary.



South African writer, crafter and all round animal lover
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