Foiling the critters – a full time job

The new soil is in the raised beds and the seeds are already sprouting.

covered beds

Unfortunately I had to cover the beds with fairly unsightly chicken wire for three reasons :

Reason 1 who is astonished that he has no access to the world’s best litter box


Reason 2, who is all tuckered out just watching me

butter wouldn't melt

Reason 3, who took a carrot right out of my hand this afternoon


I’m hoping to buy him off with carrots and fill him up so he leaves my spinach alone.  More than the spinach, he’s committed the ultimate nibbling crime … MY PRECIOUS HABANERO CHILI BUSH


which is now in its own private prison.

I heard a story about from whence came the chubby wild rabbits all over town.  A certain person, who shall remain nameless was asked to look after another person’s house while he was away.  The certain person was so horrified by the condition of all the animals on the property that he let them all go.  Run, rabbits, run like the wind!

They ran, they ate, they bred like … um rabbits.  I’ve given him a name, Bongo, because he thumps his back legs on the ground when I come near.  Obviously I will not be eating him  or wearing him as a hat.  I’m thinking if the carrot strategy is a bust I will put in a dummy spinach bed.  Bongo’s restaurant.  Has a certain ring to it.

On the bright side, the rather ill fig tree has recovered nicely

fig tree

we have peas, yes we definitely have peas


and loads of quince in embryo

quince tree

I’m not a great lover of quince.  When I was small, my mother made a sort of quince “cheese”, which she called sweets, presumably to induce her fussy progeny to try them.  Didn’t work, they were the only sweets in the house that sat on the counter week after week, slowly gathering dust.  I will learn to like them one way or another, and I apologise to my long-suffering mom for my lack of taste and discernment.




South African writer, crafter and all round animal lover
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2 Responses to Foiling the critters – a full time job

  1. Dani says:

    I have wild hares which plague my veggie patches. So, I have erected waist high wattle dropper fences round the beds ( That will also make it easier to harvest the veggies when the time comes 🙂

  2. Wow, Dani, that’s really impressive, not to mention that it looks really great. I was always under the impression they dig under fences and the fence needs to be sunk into the ground, but I’m glad to hear this isn’t the case. I only have the one bunny at the moment (until he tells his friends about me) and he disappears for weeks at a time, popping up again as soon as I miss him. I think he’s a he, but he may be a she, in which case … I’m astonished that nobody has eaten him yet, he’s so plump. He wouldn’t last five minutes in Joburg, I can tell you.

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