Even my hair hurts

Warning to prospective home buyers 1) do not buy a house that is part of an estate and 2)  find out the terms of the tenant’s lease before you sign the offer.  You will thank me.

Anyway, it’s done, my house is now mine and off I went to the co-op for bricks.  They were a tad heavier than I expected, and although I measured the bed again and again I still got it wrong.


Still a bit wonky, but rain is expected.  I hope they will sink a little and then I can level them out.  I ordered more than I needed so I could do this

extra bricks2

This bed is an experiment, I stripped off the kikuyu and threw on some compost and since I have things growing already, I’ll leave well enough alone.  Pea teepee in top right.


The spinach looks quite happy here and I’m hungry.

Finally, at-a last, I managed to produce one habanero.  One.


My original raised bed is looking healthy despite the chompings of the rabbit and the cats’ insistence that it’s a great litter box


I shall have peas, y’all.


As for the wildlife,it’s a fact that sometimes the big one needs to show the cute one who is boss.

who is boss




South African writer, crafter and all round animal lover
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