The local wildlife – Sean’s Bunny

A few days ago, I had a wild bunny visit my yard and while it was cute ‘n all I wasn’t too happy about his lustful glances at my tender new seedlings.  I was told by his “owner” that he would move on, so I left him alone and while I was out on the front porch, taking pictures of the  mountain and sky after three days of “le deluge”


the bunny slipped under the gate and went bouncing off down the street.  Bye bye bunny.

Or so I thought.

Next day he was back and moving onto my seedlings.  With the help of a fellow resident and a long hose, we tried to induce Bunny back under the gate, to no avail.  Every time we got within striking distance he would change course and charge through us in the opposite direction.  Now I know how dust bunnies get their name.

I forgot about him and was pulling weeds and suddenly I saw him at the gate, sniffing.  He looked at me, looked at the gate and while I was mentally urging him to go.  Go and be free.  Run like the wind.  Bunny.  He decided nah, I kinda like it here.

Maybe I’ve been watching too many cartoons, but I thought of one thing that may get him under that gate so I can block it off with a rock.  You think?




South African writer, crafter and all round animal lover
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5 Responses to The local wildlife – Sean’s Bunny

  1. Davone from Ca says:
    Natural bunny repellent! just an idea. Love reading about all your adventures!


    Thanks so much for that concoction, I’m going to try it. I’m getting quite fond of this guy, he’s absolutely huge, but is able to squeeze through the smallest hole in the fence, so chasing him out is futile. He can have as many weeds and quinces as he likes to eat, but the spinach and rocket are mine all mine.

  3. carol Berry says:

    I am also going to pass this on. We have deer and bunnies at or school where we are planning a nice veggie patch.

  4. carol Berry says:

    Love you carrot trail!

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