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High drama on the savannah

The predator crouches, watching her prey silently, patiently.  The innocent prey is oblivious to the danger, gorging herself on a windfall of fruit. The predator creeps closer and closer, whiskers twitching in excitement, every muscle strained as she waits her … Continue reading

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Sloshing paint for fun and money

It’s wonderful having a shed/workshop/pondokkie where I can slosh paint to my heart’s content without covering floor, walls and ceilings with plastic sheeting.  The shed is waterproof-ish, windproof-ish, a bit cold in winter, but big enough for all the junk … Continue reading

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I tawt I taw a puddy tat

In a poor town like this there are a lot of stray cats, dogs and bunny rabbits.  The stray cats are generally very timid and skittish, they won’t come near.  they might steal food and scarper, but will never stop … Continue reading

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The local wildlife – Sean’s Bunny

A few days ago, I had a wild bunny visit my yard and while it was cute ‘n all I wasn’t too happy about his lustful glances at my tender new seedlings.  I was told by his “owner” that he … Continue reading

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Uh thanks

The Fulfillment Department that deals with rain matters in the Western Cape has more than done it’s job.  More than.  Much more than.  Done it’s job and then some.  The rain gauge is overflowing as it most of the garden … Continue reading

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