Invasion of the succulents

I’m reading a thesis that suggests that global warming and a number of other factors are  resulting in Karoo succulents marching inexorably against the Cape fynbos in my part of the world.   I live on the cusp of the Karoo succulent and fynbos biome, it could go either way.  Up the road is full-on Karoo succulent zone crawling with succulent trainspotters risking their livelihood and exposing their tender fingers to puff adders to steal something wonderful.  To the south is the more delicate fynbos, but it seems the fynbos is losing out.  It’s fast growing, needs regular rain and is devastated by the frequent fires in the area.  Slow growing species like succulents tolerate low rainfall and prefer shale, which I’ve got in spades in more ways than one.  Bad news for grain farmers, but not such bad news for succulent lovers.


Is it me or is that succulent fairy looking a tiny bit smug?



South African writer, crafter and all round animal lover
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