Waiting for the rain

It’s almost the end of May and it hasn’t rained.  The next crop is in the ground and the farmers are tearing their hair out.  It starts looking hopeful, clouds yay


and then the sun comes out and the rain gauge remains drizabone.

I’ve stopped procrastinating things “until it rains” and have started on my next two raised beds.


Fortunately the ground is much softer on this side, albeit full of stones and bark chips.  I even found a few marbles, which leads me to conclude the area was the marble pit for the local children.  Six man for a goolie!

But the dreaded kikuyu,  I admit to being prejudiced against grass and lawn in general, it sucks up water and doesn’t  add much to the cuisine.  Kikuyu makes wonderful lawn, but if you decide to dig it out, it will fight you every inch of the way.  Look at those roots.  Good for the muscle tone, that’s no lie.


I haven’t got all the roots out, hence the cardboard mulch.  I’m hoping this will bludgeon the kikuyu into submission so when I lift it, all the roots will be dead and I can plant something I can actually eat.

The seedlings in the first raised bed are doing fine, even without the rain.  This is cauliflower, and the wildlife think it’s a wonderful huge litter box.  Incriminating footprints everywhere.




South African writer, crafter and all round animal lover
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3 Responses to Waiting for the rain

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  2. carol Berry says:

    The rain should have come now. I love your Blog..it needs a wider audience. Ca

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