What I have to work with


This is what I plan to turn into my backyard farm, a challenge and then some.  Lots of nothing and a few random trees.  It reminds me of that lovely French movie Jean de Florette.  Our hero comes to Provence with his family to farm a piece of land his mother has left him.  The locals are sceptical.

“What do you know about farming?”

Jean pulls himself up defensively, waves a battered old book and says

“Nothing” he says, “but I have the manual”

I have the manual.  Manuals I have.  I have enough manuals to stretch end to end back to Joburg, but it doesn’t help if you read the manual and don’t listen to what it says.

For instance :  Make a plan before you start digging because then you won’t position your herb bed where it catches the shade from the house for most of the day, as seen below


That building next door is the subject of a protracted dispute over a late estate and will probably never be painted, but I think it has a certain gothic charm.  However, the bed I dug up and covered in cardboard mulch is in the shade most of the day, so will only be suitable for salads and rhubarb.  Hardship.

This property has a number of strange structures, a wonderful workshop type shed, which in these parts we call a “pondokkie”, and … and an outhouse


And then there’s the wildlife, this is the lesser spotted felix gingeratis prowling his new domain.




South African writer, crafter and all round animal lover
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2 Responses to What I have to work with

  1. Dani says:

    Thank goodness they didn’t leave the bucket below the outhouse seat… 🙂

    • NIDS LOVE BIG EYES says:

      What they did was bury their debris in the very area where I started digging a raised bed, so I found a lot of plastic bags and assorted gnarly stuff, but heck, it’s all compost isn’t it? Thanks for the visit Dani, I’m not a very regular blogger, but I am making progress with my little “agterplaas”.

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