Eskom let me cook

If you live in South Africa, it’s always an exciting experience to fire up the oven to get some cooking done.  It’s living on the edge, taking your life in your hands, because you run the risk of having the power cut mid-bake.  Cake-interruptus is a sad sight.

We have schedules for the power cuts, schedules by munipicality, a separate schedule for direct customers, schedules and lists and plans, but every now and then our friendly electrical service provider (and I use that term in the loosest possible sense) jolts us out of our complacency and gives us a surprise power cut.  Surprise!

But not today.  Today I could eat leek pie


Moving to the Western Cape has taken me from 1753m above sea level to a paltry 82m.  It makes a huge difference when it comes to baking.  I used to add an extra ten minutes, now I subtract 5.  And everything seems to taste so much better.  Might be my imagination.  Might be the lovely surroundings, might be the wonderful huge oven.  Whatever it is, it’s not important and probably explains why the people down here are so interested in food.  Food for breakfast, food for lunch …

Broccoli and red onion cake


Recipe from the Guardian.  Do not override your gut instinct and use greasproof paper like she says.  You’ll be scraping it off for five minutes.  Use parchment instead.

PS :  I know my photographs need work.  Working on it, but I’m scared the power will …



South African writer, crafter and all round animal lover
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