Friday 13th for at least two people

It’s a fairly common sound on a Friday afternoon in Joburg, a spinning of tyres followed by a loud band.  Right outside my house.  I went out to check if everyone was OK, there was a little blood, not too bad, bit of expensive car damage, so I called the police.  I called my local police station and as they are four blocks away.  They weren’t keen, they wanted me to call the emergency call centre, which I knew would take ages, so I told them someone was injured.  They still weren’t interested, so I told them that one of the drivers appeared to be intoxicated. 

Fifteen minutes later this is what it looked like :


Then the fire truck arrived, plus an ambulance and another police car


On the next block (no space to pull in), another police car and fire truck.

Our total haul was four police cars, an ambulance, two paramed cars and two fire trucks, and then the tow-trucks arrived.

Nice to know our taxes are being spent on something important, even if it was a bit of overkill.



South African writer, crafter and all round animal lover
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