Air guitar championships 2013 – we have a winner

Hard to believe yet another year has gone by and once again in Oulu. Finland the world’s best air-guitarists rocked it to bits and pieces.

Eric “Mean” Merlin blew the judges away with his performance,

Eventual winner Eric 'Mean Melin' Melin of the USA

Photo :  Guardian

“All the people from around the world who do this crazy thing that we do, that is so ridiculous and so nuts and so silly… we want to elevate the art of air guitar to performance art,” he said. “We’re not pretending to play the guitar, we’re not playing invisible guitars.  We’re playing the air guitar.”

More pics over here.  and if you want to see this incredible event for yourself, here’s where you go.

If you want to enter next year, here’s the official site.

Hey, it’s nuts and silly, but don’t lie.  You do it.  You’ve done it.  Or at least you know you want to.

air guitar3

Photo : Reuters



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