African coffins – making death a bit more, well, colorful

It’s traditional in some parts of the world to buy your coffin before you die, so the family isn’t caught short.  It’s also somewhere handy to hide the beers.

Here in Africa we don’t do anything halfway.  Who wants a boring old brown wood coffin when you can have one painted in the colors of Kente cloth

Kente coffin

or a pineapple

pineapple coffin

for the sartorial man about town

Shoe coffin

and the keen photographer

Camera coffin

This one redefines the meaning of being in the dog box

dog coffin

Carrots, cars, chillies, every kind of animal, nothing is too hard for the Ga carpenters in Accra, Ghana.  If you’re planning a splash for your final farewell, you can buy them here.






South African writer, crafter and all round animal lover
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