How big is your stash?


Picture :  BuzzFeed

I was in Bernina the other day, just to look, you understand.

I had a chocolate colored jelly roll with only dark colours and I wanted something a bit lighter for contrast.  What always happens when I’m in fabric shops is that I am overwhelmed by the choices, I want everything and end up running out of there as though my hair is on fire.  Or I buy the completely wrong thing and have to go back for what I wanted in the first place.

The helpful lady at Bernina suggested I bring in my stash, because I would then know exactly what I needed.  Bring in my stash!  What an amazing idea!  Quite impossible, of course, even with a trolley from Pick ‘n Pay because my stash is … well, it’s …. rather large.

Of course, I don’t think my stash is large at all, I think it’s fairly modest.  I’ve just added all the reds I was missing, but now my blues look a bit paltry.  One of the books I’m reading on fabric collage says that having a stash that is “insufficient” is like trying to paint with a 12 colour box set, instead of the “bare minimum” 48 colour set.  Good point, I like the way this is going.

I suspect most of us think about our stash, the way men think about their penises …




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