Fake Fur isn’t what it used to be

Back in the day, fake fur looked like FAKE FUR


This was the kind of fur of no color known to nature, which you put on your dashboard.  But things have changed.  Look at this piece of fur, looks as though it was ripped off a screaming animal doesn’t it?


It wasn’t.  It’s fake, here’s the other side


Animal fur is never the same color all the way through, there are gradations from brown on the top to grey closer to the skin.  These clever people have matched that almost exactly, and the fur has a glossy sheen that looks completely real.

So I was happy to read that the Shembe church were donated a load of fake leopard skin, to prevent them from hunting real leopards for their religious clothing.


I think you can see how this could be a problem, the Shembe church is one of the most popular in the country.

However, a bit more research showed that a year ago, the Shembe chased away anyone who suggested such a thing.

Apparently the issue is cost.  A real leopard trapped in the bush costs less than a fake fur from China.  That’s pretty tragic if you ask me.



South African writer, crafter and all round animal lover
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