Recycled drawstring bag – tutorial


I worked in advertising for many years (probably too many, say my kidneys), my favorite dress was a long purple number made out of velvet, or more accurately velour.  Most probably I looked like a giant velour sofa, but with my ankle boots and black stockings, I though I was very zhoosh, very advertising, Dorothy Parker n’all.  And the true beauty of this dress was that it didn’t need ironing.

I considered giving it a decent burial, or turning it into a skirt, but in my continuous efforts to garner Etsy love (and sales), I’m making bags, so this was my opportunity to practice my bag making and beading skills.

Here’s how to do it :

Two pieces fabric – top layer and lining or use the same fabric for both – 33x62cm

Round piece circumference 21cm (use your old school compass for this)

Method :

Sew up short sides of both pieces, leaving gap of 1cm 12cm from top

Attach round piece to base of each

Turn lining right way round and insert into main piece with wrong sides together

Zig zag or overlock the tops together.  Turn under 7cm and sew close to edge and again 1cm up to make channel for drawstring.  Make drawstring or or use thin cord.  Insert drawstring using a safety pin.Image

Add beads.  That’s it.

Lessons learned :  Velvet/velour is a horrible slippery fabric to sew, use something else.  Anything else.  Velour makes a great dusting cloth, that’s all it’s good for.



South African writer, crafter and all round animal lover
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