Make a Russian hat for any size head


Over here in Africa it’s freezing.  Yes it’s really freezing.  Problem is our homes aren’t properly heated because winter is so short, so come July it’s freezing.  If you work in an office the heat is cranked up to maximum and you’re boiling, but when you leave the office for lunch or to go home you’re freezing again.  That’s winter in Africa.  And the words on everybody’s lips when it’s freezing are “is it going to snow?”  No it’s not going to snow.  This is Africa people.

Anyway, if your noggin is freezing and the beanie just isn’t doing it, here’s a Russian hat to make with faux fur. 

First you measure your head.  Cut a strip of faux fur and a strip of lining approx 15cm wide by the length of your measurement (plus 5cm for comfort).

Now to work out the circumference, and if you left school about 100 years ago this is the tricky one, but it’s a no-brainer.  Truly.  Pi.  Yes, pi = 3.14.  Multiply your head measurement by pi, move the decimal over one space and use your handy school compass to make a circle in fur and lining of that exact diameter.  In my case it was 60cm x 3.14 = 18.88cm.

Sew up short sides of fur and lining pieces, sew circles to main pieces.  With right sides together, sew lining to fur, leaving a gap for turning.  Turn to right side and close up gap.

Result :  toasty warm noggin.

Ok you will get some stares from those oddballs that insist on being stoic with their short sleeves and all in the freezing cold such as those people from Durban who refuse to admit it’s winter at all.  But what do you care.  Your pate is warm and that’s the important thing.



South African writer, crafter and all round animal lover
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