Shark oven gloves


I’m billing this as the perfect gift for your favorite lawyer.  No offense to lawyers, I’m sure there are some that are not totally awful, maybe one, or even two that have some human characteristics.  My father was the last gentleman lawyer, he practiced before billing by the micro-second became a thing.  He was a divorce lawyer and would spend hours listening to lurid marriage sagas, which might explain why he was never wealthy and never got divorced. 

What you might not know about lawyers is that the gown they wear has a small pocket in the back.  This was traditionally so that you could feed in money while your lawyer was representing you in court, sort of like a parking meter.  When the meter ran out, he would simply stop talking until you re-filled the pocket with coins, preferably gold.  Nothing much has changed since those days.  It’s no coincidence that even Shakespeare said “First we kill all the lawyers”. 

But enough about lawyers, these are shark oven gloves,



South African writer, crafter and all round animal lover
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