Work in progress – farm animals – the pig


Michelangelo said that sculpture was quite simply the removal of superfluous matter, or in layman’s terms, when sculpting a camel, take away anything that isn’t a camel.

When designing toys I have to use a completely different approach.  I start with something like a blob and make it over and over again until it looks like what I intend.  In this instance, I need to pig up my blob until it looks piggy enough for my own standards.  I know I’ve succeeded when the proverbial 3 year old kid looks at it and goes “Peeeeeeg”.

The one on the left has the better piggy butt, but the front legs are a bit unstable.  The one on the right has a more squished in face, which I prefer, but the butt is too cow.  I’ll keep that butt in mind when I’m doing the cow, but right now I need to combine these two blobs and pig it right up to the maximum.  Ah well, back to the drawing board.




South African writer, crafter and all round animal lover
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