As soon as it gets cold I have the overwhelming desire to get down to the wool shop.  Yep, winter’s coming, and over here it’s warm and sunny during the day, but moerse (very) cold at night.  Our homes aren’t designed for winter, there are holes everywhere for the animals to go in and out, so the only thing to do is wrap up warm and knit.  That’s if I can keep the creatures off the knitting and stop them chewing and chasing the wool.This is a sorta blanket, it’s an experiment, so I’m using cheap wool, which is probably a mistake, considering how long it takes, but never mind.  I’m planning on embellishing it with crochet flowers, but now it’s too wide and I have to add some length, so I’m doing four more panels in moss stitch.

Lessons learned :

Don’t use cheap wool (except for experiments)

You can’t get pure wool in South Africa, home of millions of sheep, only blends of wool and acrylic

Alpaca wool is great and the animals are cute as all hell

Try not to knit any of your hair into your piece

Moss stitch is a pain, and takes a long time




South African writer, crafter and all round animal lover
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2 Responses to Knitting

  1. Alynia says:

    I think I’d be creeped out by strange animals coming into my house. But well, with that, I am used to safe old Europe 😉
    I have come back from using cheap yarn too. It just turns out ugly all the time somehow, with me it does.


    As of right now, my friend the rain spider is scrunched up in the corner waiting to dart through the window as soon as my back is turned. My rational mind knows it’s harmless, but you should see what they look like fully stretched out and when they jump and hit the ground with a smack, brrrrrrr.

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